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THE GOD WEAR is WE Christian Believers’ Accessory and Apparel Hub using 1 singular logo as a universal acknowledgement for Believers, highlighting our responsibility towards our Creator, God Almighty, YWHW.  Our calling as Believers, and according to God’s will and due to Christ’s actions, is what causes us to wear this “Uniform.” A Believer in Christ saw the DJWW hoodie design, January 2019, while at a coffee shop, and described it with the honor of seeing it as, “A spiritual SHIELD against the enemy.”  He vividly described it as, “Satan would just back up when he sees it.” The owner of the brand states, and agrees, “yes, our invisible enemy.” #chrisitanscancomply #djwwchallenge #djww #thegodwear

Audra, founder of The God Wear, understands that every army has 3 things.

#1 Shields, Weapons, and Uniforms.

#2 A War Cry.

#3 A Plan Of Action.

Here’s how The God Wear supplements those 3 things!

#1 Shields, Weapons, Uniform: This apparel has been seen in the spirit as a Spiritual Weapon AGAINST THE ENEMY.

#2 War Cry: Proclamations you choose to express wearing The JesusWear. Believers of The Most High, new and bold, mature and babes alike, will be able to proclaim the inward war cry outwardly with the expression of this apparel and accessory brand, respectfully and boldly, to the world around them. Displaying your war cry will supremely inspire yourself and others silently, visually, boldly!

#3 P.O.A: While in uniform, automatically and systematically, you will be helping to spread your knowledge and existence of the Kingdom of God. This should be a #1 priority in your life as a Believer. Wearing His “uniform” should also help to positively challenge you to be open and willing to pray for others should they ask you. Wearing His uniform should put you into action of executing anything else YHWH, God Almighty, leads you to do in your individual walk with Him, bravely.


Our Mission

ASpread the kingdom of God with you. (The owner, Audra, wears Jesus Wear boldly with her brothers and sisters in Christ: Believers sanctified with the Holy and Righteous Blood!) B. Be willing and able to pray for others should they ask, on the spot. (We are challenging YOUR KINGDOM WORK to expand with The God Wear!) C. Execute what the Almighty, personally, leads you to do on your walk with Him!  (The Jesus Wear should inspire and encourage you to do right by God more often!)

His Motto


Bringin’ the church to the streets, silently, boldly, visually. Are you Ashamed or Nah?

 “Even the greatest introvert can proclaim God boldly with The God Wear.”


Origins of The God Wear ?

Audra is OUR Creator’s vessel through which this movement originates. Audra has a passion to break invisible social barriers by providing 4 things. A. Bringing about a sense of family and oneness amongst Believers from east to west overseas and in her home country, America. We all bleed red blood and also believe in what the blood of Christ provides: Humanity’s Salvation. B. Providing a sense of full identity and a vault of welcoming encouragement by Believers for believers and non-believers, alike, when they see you unashamedly wearing The God Wear. C. Imparting a sense of obligation not just to God Almighty, but to humanity, clarifying that when anyone sees you wearing this bold brand- believers or non- they can trust to walk to you for prayer, should they ask for it. D. Challenging our own comfort zones for Christ and our servant-hood for His purpose and will in our lives. All eyes will be on you in this God Wear and either you’ll be ashamed or nah.

God’s Creative IG Challenge

Be A Brand Ambassador for Him!


Upload photos of you and your friends, family, or church members out wearing your chosen proclamation along with your state or country and be featured on the created IG page @DJWWBRAND. Faces are not required for submission! Submit a caption accompanying your picture for extra depth, if you’re led! Snap photos with each other when you see fellow Proclaimers and Believers out in public and send ’em in! Submission (#DJWW IG Photos) starts with submission (To HIS Will!) Let’s start a Christian Blood Family movement! Share His love to the world!

The #GodWearChallenge

Participation Guidelines

  • Get Some Gear
  • Take a pic wearing / holding itNot At Home***
  • Caption pic on IG + social media+++ #DJWWchallenge
  • Follow &Tag: IG @djwwbrand
  • Be Global W/ Ur Friends, Family, & ChurchBe An Ambassador For The Glory Of Our Lord
  • Sub To Our Youtube Channel: The God Wear (Same Logo As IG)FREE God Wear Challenge GIVEAWAY!!! While supplies last!!
The #JesusWearChallenge

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