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Childrens' GodWear

Did you notice the halo in the above picture?
Forwards: Devil Just Won’t Win. D.J.W.W.
Backwards: What Would Jesus Do? W.W.J.D.
DJWW Brand Brought To You By TheGodWear

Even in my sin, Jesus saw me worthy and knew I was His. In this image, I had “converted” to Islam in 2013. See the hijab? Everytime I put my head down on that prayer rug to pray in Arabic, I couldn’t pick my body up off the mat until I included, “And Jesus.” It was as though a weight had come across the entirety of my body, and I could not lift up without speaking the name of Jesus.

     This was almost a decade ago, circa 2022.I was a Christian, I  tried to step away against God’s will back then. I am a fully devout Christian and this Islam experience fully revamped my perspective and verified/clarified exactly who God was. Jesus, who is certainly also fully God, experienced the gamut of human emotions in the flesh. Mary was a virgin, however you get your DNA from your father, too. Whose was Jesus’ DNA from outside of Mary’s own? Where did the Y Chromosome come from? God Himself. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a Nazarene: Fully God And Fully Human.
     My life story is incredible! I had a mini stroke in my 20s (doesn’t run in my family), have been in almost 40 car accidents (me causing about 4), have been persecuted for no logical or verifiable reason at both work and educational facilities (as an honor student), raped, wrongly jailed, and more. Satan has been after me forever and I don’t think the attacks will fully stop considering the mission God has put on my life which is manifesting now. According to my dad, humans are immortal until God is done with us. Using this website, TikTok, Youtube, and IG all @djwwbrand, I am choosing to HELP COVER ALL BELIEVERS (and non-believers alike). There surely is a spiritual warfare aspect, as well as an evangelistic one, concluded with the TheGodWear, TGW, Collective Products and Matching Apparel. The proof is in the purchase! Wearing is believing, in this case! THIS you have to experience this for yourself! (Read The About Section Tab For More)
     I have had experiences of spiritual warfare, as well as spiritual blessings, wearing this Collection, myself. I’ve had demons hiss and back into a corner manifesting through regular people and people completely unable to make eye contact with me; to the complete opposite experience of having a pertinently friendly, phenomenal, and wonderful day for no other reason than I am especially wearing TGW Apparel.
     When I experience the former of the two experiences listed above, I just know to pray. I’ve been gifted with the gift of tongues since age 19, as well as the gift of interpretation. (Contact us on IG or TikTok for prayer requests @djwwbrand)
     I am sharing with you all this apparel line that The Father gave me. Again, the proof is in the wearing. God will bless you to bless others and be a blessing. Silently, VISUALLY, boldly proclaim who you are in the Kingdom wearing this apparel, as well as who He is in the Kingdom. He will bless you mightily when you proclaim Him unashamedly. Own It.
     One last thing about me, the founder: I have a very rare condition titled aphantasia. It only affects 2-5% of the human population and is not widely studied at all. I only discovered this in January 2019, when I was 29 years old. This is a lifelong condition for me and what it entails is a blind mind’s eye. Most of you can close your eyes, see your front door, envision your mom, dad, siblings, children… I cannot. Never have. So when I say that I’ve been given a vision from God, it is a vision from God because it is nearly impossible for me to do that. This Halo’d-Cross IS from Him and YHWH alone. Only found here, at TheGodWear brought to you by YHWH & @DJWWBRAND on Instagram and TikTok. Follow Us There. Thanks Fam. I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be. None of us righteously can or should. But, reach out for THIS believer to pray for you at any time! I love you in Christ.
Be Blessed!
P.S. The Founder LOOOVES To Go Shopping For Others. Email Her @DJWWBRAND@GMAIL.COM If You Are Indecisive Or Just Curious And She Will Personalize An Outfit For Your And Your Family According To Your Godly Message Preference, Budget, Color Preference, And Size. The Collection Can Feel Extensive And She Can Simplify It For You, Easily! The Fee Is $5 Per Personalization Bundle. Reach Out! Ask For Prayer! Be Edified! <3
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